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When I first came to digital marketing I was pretty nervous. After all I don’t even have a Facebook, so you can understand this feeling of being under prepared. We were assigned to read an article talking about how undergraduates are under prepared because of what we learn in school. First of all, I’d like to say, yes! Thank goodness for someone finally pointing that out. Textbook definitions haven’t gotten me anywhere in life, and that is what I have learned in my marketing classes. This was finally a class to bridge the gap between real life and marketing class. A no bull-shit class. It’s about time.

Not only have I learned plenty of technical skills such as coding and Google analytics… but I think the main thing that I have learned is where marketing is headed. I now have a better idea of what a position in marketing would entail. For those of you who don’t know, in August 2014 I will have a degree in accounting and marketing. My dream job would be working with fashion or makeup and that is where marketing comes in… but accounting is where the money is at (Plus I need to buy my first pair of Louis Vuitton shoes). I have no idea what I am going to do when I graduate, but I think this class has given me the confidence that I could keep a job in marketing. This class provided me with actual applicable knowledge, something that college classes don’t often do. I feel like I can also apply the digital marketing that I have learned to market myself online better. After all, even for accounting I will need to market myself. I have a better understanding of where things are headed in the future, particularly marketing in this digital age. I might actually start a beauty blog which I have been thinking of doing for quite a while, with some of the skills I have acquired from this class. Regardless of what I end up doing with my future, I feel more prepared for the real world. And that is saying something! 

Over the course of 9 weeks abbeedecsesznak.wordpress.com :

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  • ·         Has been commented on 5 times (C’mon people… We can do better than this!)
  • ·         Has 19 blog posts on it
  • ·         Has 13,792 words on it
  • ·         And of course…has taught me a lot.




The cherry on top of an insightful quarter was becoming Google Analytics Certified. Woo! Go Abbee! Check it out:


Of course I owe it all to Professor Staton. Thank you 🙂