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I am going to assume you have read my post about inbound marketing, and you are wondering what the heck is content marketing and how is it different from inbound marketing? Well content marketing is a piece of inbound marketing and is providing information or content to current as well as potential customers that leads to… well higher sales. However; before leading to higher sales it creates a trust between you and your customer, it establishes you as the expert while communicating benefits of your product. It sets the ground work for a long term relationship… and what does this mean to you? Higher sales (I know we all know the value of customer lifetime value)!

Here are the very best tips regarding content:

  • Your content should not only engage your customers and potential customers but should educate them not in a pushy-salesmen type way.
  • Your content should be created specifically for a certain audience (your target market).
  • Your content should have a unique style- after all you want to stand out against your competitors.
  • Do NOT sell. I will repeat it DO NOT SELL. You are to create value for your customer not a sales advertisement. Through the value you create you will generate sales. You want your customers to naturally want to buy.
  • Only publish high-quality content. You are trying to create value for your product. Low quality content is not going to establish authority, or credibility and in fact will do just the opposite.
  • Remember that you are trying to help others.  This will in turn help you out.

So you have created your content what’s next? Well people have to find it!

So how do you get the social traffic you are looking for? SEO will help you with this:

  1. Choose two-three primary keywords that describe the content and use these words frequently in your text. Remember that titles and the first paragraph are going to be the most important to grab attention.
  2. Add good links! It will help you page/site be optimized. The key here is balance too many links will do quite the opposite.
  3. Add relevant pictures and properly tag your photos.
  4. Get your links out there! Share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites.

Okay so content marketing is important, its your brand management, but what does this mean for the future?

Well in my last post I talked about how mobile usage is increasing and therefore you can be sure that companies who have mobile content marketing strategies will take the cake. Content that can be seen on the go is a must and therefore mobile friendly content will be important. With mobile phone usage increasing so drastically an increase in location-based content marketing will take hold.

So you might be thinking (Just like I was), what an excellent example of content marketing is and one of the best I believe is McDonald’s Canada “Our food, your questions.” This website is designed for all Canadians to be able to ask questions regarding McDonalds food… which I think we could all agree, as McDonalds, could be a bit of a gamble. Escaping the hard questions is not what McDonalds intended to do though. McDonalds answers the questions with factual information rather than marketing hype. So what can you learn from McDonalds Canada “Our food, your questions” ?

1. Provide the information yourself. McDonalds knows that there are all kinds of rumors about it’s food and that there is all kind of information about it floating around the internet. So McDonalds decided to handle it, with information directly from the source.
2. Make information something which people can watch. “Our food, your questions” allows others to follow a question to find out what the answer is.
3. Find knowledge Gaps and then fill them.

So what do you need to remember? Mobile usage is only on the rise, and content marketing is becoming increasingly important as consumers don’t want to be advertised to. So now
you know what to do, so c’mon now get to it.

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