I resisted the social media urge for the longest time. I don’t have a facebook and I just recently got myself back on twitter because I think it is a waste of time. In reality, I never really cared to read tweets from people I hardly know talking about how they are waiting in the Starbucks line for their pumpkin spice latte because it’s #fall. The truth of the matter is, now, I’m just like the rest of ya’ll. Tweeting in between classes, and while standing in lines… but it’s not just about hearing about people I know, it’s about feeling connected.

Let’s talk figures:

From 2011 to 2012 minutes spent on mobile apps has increased by 120%

From 2011 to 2012 minutes spend on mobile web has increased by 22%

Computers, then phones are the primary devices used to access social media

So you are probably wondering what does this mean to you? Or should I say what does this mean for all of us?

Well 47% of social media users engage in social care meaning that customer service via social media is becoming more and more crucial for companies who want to survive. And one in three social media users prefer social care. This means that companies better start riding this train if they already haven’t. Let’s take a look at some companies who, according to businessinsider,  have helped use social media to their advantage:

1. Dell has 25,000 employees who are trained and working as “social listeners.” This means that Dell is on top of all company mentions in the social media in 11 different languages. All insights that these “social listeners” gather help Dell get customer feedback and make decisions accordingly.

2. Best Buy uses a twitter-focused marketing and customer service strategy that allows the company to allow employees across all departments receive and respond to customer questions and comments. While this system, called “Twelpforce” has helped Best Buy with customer service, it has also opened up employee communication.

No wonder social media is so successful as one third of adults ages 18-24 use social media in the bathroom. If we are connected even when we are taking a bathroom break, then no wonder social media can change everything.

Okay, so you knew that social media was becoming increasingly important? What’s the big deal? Well social media changes advertising. It’s no longer about sending mass advertisements. It’s heading towards personalization. This means that companies will be advertising towards its customers based on what it knows about individuals. The company is creating relationships with its customers through social media, and that is what social media is all about.

Not only is social media changing the way companies interact with its customers, social media is so powerful it is changing lives. Google Eddies Kidney Campaign, or Anthony Stokes. Struggling for their lives and organs these two turned to social media. Not only does Eddie Beatrice have a new kidney but Anthony Stokes has a new heart and all because of social media. A coincidence? I think not. Social media is just so damn effective that Anthony is able to find a heart within a week, and Eddie find a kidney immediately.  A medical researcher claims that it is not fair to others who are not as connected with social media or as smart to use social media and thus lose out on an organ transplant. I thought about it, and I feel that. I mean since when did lives become something that are gambled through social media? Those who don’t have as heart wrenching of a story suddenly lose out? Or those who just don’t use social media as effectively lose out to others who do? And by lose out, I’m not talking about market share, I’m referring to lives being lost. And suddenly social media is a bigger deal.

ButiIsn’t that Darwin’s theory: survival of the fittest? That’s how life usually works, and now that social media is involved people are suddenly getting bent-out-of-shape about it. . . Social media is so effective it’s literally saving lives. Social media is changing how we communicate with the world. The next generation of marketing is here and these days it also involves kidneys and hearts.




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