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Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around since the mid 1990’s and since has played an essential role in companies online traffic and income stream. According to National Monitor, however; Google has changed their search engine algorithm. According to The Beginners guide to SEO, SEO is still quite relevant while others argue that Google’s new algorithm updates have killed the SEO industry. The update is said to effect 90% of search results. This poses the unanswered question: Will online based businesses who rely on Google search results be negatively affected by this change?

With the new update, according to Huffington Post, there is no way to measure the return on investment it provides to those who use SEO, and thus the impact of search engine optimization on business is immeasurable. I don’t think I have to expand on the fact that companies want to see their investment pay off and if the investment can’t be measured then the investment is mute.

However, Ryan Egan from the Search Engine Journal, indicates that SEO will different in the future yet still quite relevant. Egan claims that online businesses will just have to put forth deeper SEO content. As past SEO content was based on keywords while the new update is based on more complex phrases and thus will demand more content that is customized more towards the entitys target market.

While many welcome the idea of change, I believe that it can be hard for businesses to keep up with the ever changing web. SEO isn’t dying; its becoming more complex and to firms who have had a successful web presense the thought of more complex SEO might even be a little nauseating. This means its time to read a new manual for those who have already read and reread the 67 pages of The Beginners Guide to SEO; but it sure doesn’t mean that SEO is dead or even diminishing. What is important is that the future of SEO may be different and foreign to many but will help better target customers and thus increase the bottom line. So it’s time to buckle down, throw away what we know of SEO and get ready for a crazy ride… it may not be easy but it’ll be worth it.


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